You are all excited to be going on a safari. This will be a trip of a lifetime. What you pack is very important. Probably just as important is what you should NOT take.

  • Books are fun to read, but difficult to travel with. They take up space and can be heavy. Use a kindle or tablet instead.
  • Taking your pair of binoculars is not necessary. Most tours include high powered binoculars for each person.
  • Packing bright colored clothes may seem a good idea. But bright colors might scare away the wildlife. Remember THAT is the reason you are there.
  • Dark colored and white clothing is a big NO! They can attract biting tsetse flies.
  • Taking blue jeans also is not recommended. Too heavy and dark and take up a great deal of space.
  • Travel clothing is a great way to limit how much you need to take, many have insect repellent infused in the fabric.
  • DEET does not help, so I do not recommend taking any . DEET can dissolve plastic on cameras and binoculars.
  • Do not take Benadryl when traveling to Zambia, take Sudafed instead.
  • Taking a heavy coat is never a good idea. Too bulky and heavy. Best to wear layers to stay warm. (T-shirt, shirt, thin jacket)
  • Leave the baseball hat at home. Take a travel hat that covers your neck and ears and is crushable.
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