Savinar Super Store,  in Canoga Park, California, was opened in 1986, but the laying of its foundation began many years before. Mark’s father had been in the luggage industry as a sales rep for over 20 years. Mark was in and out of the baggage business for the next twelve years, until he finally realized the fun and romance of the travel goods industry and that he was in it for good! He then spent years working for or managing local luggage stores.

“I opened my store with a dream to be the best travel store in the valley. I had spent a year in the planning and development of Savinar Super store. I watched as our location was built from the ground up. After opening, my neighbors and potential customers were stopping by the first few weeks with their condolences that I wouldn’t survive the competition!” Mark said, when asked about those early days. “They were very nice, but very sure I wouldn’t last a year! Eventually, nearly 400 independent luggage dealers in the U.S. did go out of business.”

“But my customers-to-be didn’t know what I knew, which was that, as a new business, I didn’t have the dead weight, the backrooms of old, unsold merchandise, and the old-fashioned ideas of long established stores. I was an upstart, an attitude which has worked for me in my business. I want to bring fresh ideas my customers.”

The brick and mortar store, Savinar Super store, opened on Topanga Canyon Blvd, in the prosperous community of Canoga Park, California. His goal was to carry only the best luggage and business suitcase brands, not overpriced Rodeo Drive designer brands, but beautiful, practical, well made, and affordable merchandise. His goal was to add a balanced mix of fun gifts and fine personal leather goods, as well as a great assortment of the most-asked-for travel accessories. His goal was to provide exceptional, personal customer service, and extras not always available, such as luggage repair, leather monogramming, nationwide shipping, and free gift wrapping.

Savinar Super Store has one remaining goal, to give its internet customers the same great service and the same great merchandise that its in-store customers have enjoy! Mark and his staff pride themselves on delivering personalized service and the best bang for your buck, whether you buy online or in-store. And questions are always welcome! Mark is an expert in his field with over 20 plus years in the baggage and travel merchandise biz. He considers it his pleasure to make you feel like an expert too!

In 2008, Mark had to re-invent the brick and mortar store front. Unbelievable!! He took a moment to change the mix of merchandise to fit the changing tastes of his customers.  You would not believe, all the great travel items, Mark found to sell. Just give him a call at (818) 703-1313 and he will become your own personal shopper. Looking for a special bag for mom, your best friend or mate, Mark can help you find the perfect gift.

Did the airline damage your bag in transit? We can help with the repair or replacement. We are happy to be working with some great people who know how to fix any problem. Just drop off your damaged bag with us, and we will call you with an estimate and have it repaired.  How easy is that? They are open Monday – Sunday  10am to 5pm. (818) 703-1313

Thanks for letting me help you travel smarter and easier

Mark Stern

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